German Federal Employment Agency: Typical Me

Society, IA, Ideas, UX

You can become anything you want! But how can you choose between the thousands of possibilities? This is exactly where the digital campaign "Don't do anything. But what suits you." of the Federal Employment Agency. And offers a comprehensive and personalizable overview of its consulting services in a hub. The digital campaign for the BfA is mainly aimed at future trainees and students. But it also aims to reach young people without a concrete plan. The central contact point for the campaign is a website that is designed and responsively implemented in line with the "mobile first" target group.



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The users answer a few questions playfully on the website and thus filter and personalize the content of a hub with digital and stationary BfA advisory services. The content has specific tags and aggregates according to the information provided by users. For Kolle-Rebbe I created the content concept and the information architecture and acted as UX-Consultant.