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Museum Barberini

There is a new museum in Potsdam. A museum that makes it to the main news with its spectacular exhibitions. The thjnk-digital team under my creative direction has implemented the website and the social media communication.

Stronger than violence

Stronger than violence - an initiative of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Women and Youth to outlaw violence against women. As an information architect and UX designer at Edelman, I was on board and designed the content and technical aspects of the initiative's website.

Credo & Vita

I am a conceptioner, information architect, UX expert and creative director from Hamburg with 15 years of experience in the development of interactive concepts and digital communication.

E.ON: Post MVP Corporate Website

Think globally. Grow sustainable. The E.ON.com corporate website bundles content and tools for private and business customers and investors. It's the hub for all information about E.ON as an international company.

VEOCEL #ItsInOurHands

The #ItsInOurHands initiative paves the way for a new generation of sustainable and biodegradable wipes. Edelman and I, as information architect, UX strategist and designer, have created an information hub for the initiative to exchange ideas with sustainability experts and like-minded people.

German Federal Employment Agency: Typical Me

You can become anything you want! But how can you choose between the thousands of possibilities? This is exactly where the digital campaign of the Federal Employment Agency comes in. And offers a comprehensive and personalizable overview of its consulting services in a hub.

Bread&&Butter by Zalando

For 3 days Berlin was upside down again. At least when it comes to fashion. Because in autumn 2018 the third "Bread&&Butter" by Zalando took place as a public festival with interactive fashion shows, music, brand presentations, exhibitions and talks about the digital future of fashion. And of course with shopping directly on site and on zalando.de.

Audi Q7: The great Quattro

The launch of the new Audi Q7 was to be advertised not only with classic communication but also with a new microsite that not only vividly communicates the technical highlight features of the SUV but also intelligently combines them with relevant content.

edding L.A.Q.U.E: Launch

Edding is now making in nail polish. As unusual as it sounds, the brand's demands on its first cosmetics line and on communication are extraordinary. The new nail polish is for strong women only. Power in coverage and durability. Power in colour and shine. Power in application and comfort. Power in nail-friendliness.

Gaggenau: Relaunch Website

Being a pioneer through communication. With a new brand platform we have given the household appliance manufacturer a digital future. Through curated editorial content connected to the products, the site was the first in the industry to set benchmarks in content marketing and storytelling.

Douglas: Brand Building

Your Partner in Beauty. If you want to be a real leader as a brand today, you need a clear role with a clear function. We should show: Douglas can do beauty like no other. We created the new international brand identity for Douglas and demonstrated that Douglas has a mission. The brand stands by the customer with attention, competence and passion. Or to put it in terms of the new claim: 'Douglas. Your Partner in Beauty?

RWE: Taking the lead

Have we actually gone mad? The energy giant RWE was not previously suspected of driving forward the green energy transformation. That has changed fundamentally. This change was to be communicated digitally. At the same time, we wanted to get Germans excited about the future of energy.

German Red Cross: Redesign

SHOPE! YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO A BETTER WORLD. How can we get young people interested, involved and donate to the worldwide humanitarian work of the GRC? In a pitch for the redesign of the GRC website, we looked into this question and found the solution. How would it be if helping was as easy as shopping?

DER SPIEGEL: No fear of the truth

See the connections. For over 40 years, the claim of Germany's most renowned news magazine was "Spiegel readers know more" But in today's, above all digital, media abundance, it is less about knowing more than it is about understanding and being able to assess what data and facts mean. Let’s show this responsibility of the media.

Audi: A3 Sportback e-tron

The perfect mix of performance, consumption and range. For the market launch of the Audi A3 Sportback e-tron, the task was to develop a 360° campaign that would explain the advantages of the hybrid drive to customers, dispel prejudices and reduce fear of contact. The aim was to make it clear: Audi has the answers to the challenges of future mobility.

Ikea: Kitchen special

The individual IKEA kitchens with their great ideas and solutions are not only for cooking but above all for living! But everyone lives differently ? How do we ensure that everyone finds their perfect dream kitchen at IKEA? With a clever digital mechanism. Because this way even boring product advantages with a high identification potential can be communicated.

BioSuisse: Everything is connected

Everything is connected somehow. In collaboration with thjnk Zurich we implemented the concept for BioSuisse as a microsite and social media campaign. And show here in a striking way that every single action of people is directly related to our environment.

Misereor: Mobilombo

Donations that really work. How can you interest a young target group in Misereor's aid projects in Africa and get them to donate? With ideas that give a new context to the users' lives and familiar mechanisms, it is fun and involves them.