Stronger than violence

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The direct and indirect violence against women has many horrible faces. The current figures presented on the "International Day against Violence against Women" are alarming: 114,393 women were victims of partnership violence in 2018, including murder and manslaughter, assault, rape, sexual assault, sexual assault, threats, stalking, coercion, deprivation of liberty, pimping and forced prostitution. The list of "private" acts of violence against women is as terrible as it is long and continues in public, online and in the workplace. Every third woman in Germany is affected by violence at least once in her life.

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In order to improve help for victims, perpetrators and the environment, the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth launched the initiative "Stronger than violence". To date, 13 organizations have joined forces in the initiative, which are active in the field of help and support. The initiative explicitly addresses affected women and men, but also their environment. The initiative's new Internet site bundles help and advice services: How can we help women who experience violence? Where can we get support?

Edelman Berlin supported the Federal Ministry in strategy, PR and campaigning to implement the initiative. I was on board as information architect and UX designer and designed the content and technical aspects of the initiative's website.