E.ON: Post MVP Corporate Website

IA, Ideas, UX

Think globally. Grow sustainable. The E.ON.com corporate website bundles content and tools for private and business customers and investors. It's the hub for all information about E.ON as an international company.

© E.ON + Interone

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But even more important: the website is an investment in the future. As the first agile company-wide digital project, it is being continuously developed as a post-MVP and adapted to the needs of users and stakeholders. As a UX expert, I spent 8 months working for Interone as part of an international Scrum team, designing features, tools and content.

© E.ON + Interone

My tasks were the collection and visualization of user needs and the transfer into innovative UX concepts. I developed ideas in design thinking workshops and implemented them as concrete user stories that combine user needs with business interests. All fetaures and tools were developed in an agile way and will be implemented step by step.

UX Overall Videoplayer
  • Search, filter, sort and pagination
  • B2B Login
  • Optimum Products
  • Event Calendar
  • Videoplayer and Videoplaylists
  • Liveplayer with Arkadin
  • Live Update Social Media Aggregator
  • Tileviews
  • Sharing Options
  • Infolayer & Tooltip