Audi Q7: The great Quattro

IA, Creative Direction, Pitch, UX

Great things begin where boundaries end. The new Audi Q7 is much more than just a big SUV with quattro. Equipped with the latest and best technologies from Audi, it is the car with the greatest influence on the brand image.

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The launch of the new Audi Q7 was to be advertised not only with classic communication but also with a new microsite that not only vividly communicates the technical highlight features of the SUV but also intelligently combines them with relevant content.

The Map of Greatness - an interactive world map - on which relevant product information on the new Audi Q7 and modern content marketing merge into a unique experience. Our campaign thus made a statement that reflects both the character of the new vehicle and the attitude of the brand core and the target group: the unstoppable will to cross boundaries in order to achieve greatness.

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The central component of the Map of Greatness is an animated 3D globe on which various points are located. Behind it are important personalities who have achieved great things because they had the courage to believe in the power of their ideas and were willing to overcome boundaries. Each story is thematically linked to an extraordinary feature of the new Audi Q7, which also represents a great engineering achievement and is located on the Map of Greatness. The highlights of the vehicle are vividly staged by an innovative scroll mechanism and versatile animations. Added to this is a responsive and mobile-optimized web design that is high-performance ? despite the elaborate 3D animation.

The transfer from the classical campaign into the web has worked perfectly. In 2015, more than 840,000 visitors visited the website and thus supported the sales targets of the new Audi Q7. On average, each visitor spent an unusually long time - 2.25 minutes - on the Map of Greatness, exploring Audi, the Q7 and our content.
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