Audi: Mission to the moon

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Quattro has been taking Audi forward for over 35 years. But how do you tell a well-known success story in a new way? The answer: with the Mission to the Moon. Together with Part Time Scientists, Audi is developing the Audi Lunar quattro and preparing it for the challenges of the moon. This marks the countdown to the ultimate proof of "Vorsprung durch Technik".

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For this purpose we have developed a content platform that revives the fascination of quattro and on which everyone can become an interactive part of this groundbreaking project.

© Audi + thjnk

We offer sensational insights into the project: from the history of space travel to the presentation of the scientists and the power of the quattro drive in space technology. The state-of-the-art content platform is constantly being expanded with new exciting stories.

Since the launch, over 50 million contacts have been made in the social media and the mission has been supported in over 30 Audi countries. a small step for every user. A big step for modern content marketing. Everywhere, anytime and on any device.