edding L.A.Q.U.E: Launch

IA, Ideas, Creative Direction, Pitch, UX

Edding is now making in nail polish. As unusual as it sounds, the brand's demands on its first cosmetics line and on communication are extraordinary. The new nail polish is for strong women only. Power in coverage and durability. Power in colour and shine. Power in application and comfort. Power in nail-friendliness.

© edding + thjnk

© edding + thjnk

All these advantages should be highlighted at the launch of the products in offline communication and digitally on the website and in social media. No sooner said than done!

Check it out live!

© edding + thjnk

Under my creative direction, the thjnk digital team implemented a large-scale print and PR campaign, a roadshow with in-store promotions and guerilla actions.
We have produced a modern responsive website with all information, configurators and tests. A branded film with beauty influencers led to extensive social media activity on Facebook and Instagram.

edding L.A.Q.U.E. on Facebook
edding L.A.Q.U.E. on Instagram

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